www.northwestkaraokeguide.com - August 2004

There really is a
fast track to fame

By Miss Marcella

  The lights were set and the
cameras were ready, working two
angles in preparation for the Fast
Track to Fame Showcase at
Nickelby's on June 23rd. The
sound, selection and singers were
ready to wail.
  To warm up the mic for the
showcase was Jose Perez, the
video photographer and more.
Jose Perez has been a subcontrac-
tor with Fast Track to Fame for
two years as well as a mobile D.J.
(JP Entertainment) since 1997,
traveling as far as Arizona and
Oregon. He also owns Nextwave
Karaoke in Ellensburg.
  First up at entry leyel 2 was
Eric Turnbow of E.T.'s Cosmic
Karaoke, who also provided sound
and selection at this event. His
first song was, "Chasing Rainbows
With You" and the second, "Radio
Man", he dedicated to Steve Slaton
of KZOK. E.T. wrote both songs,
and provided his own accompani-
ment with his acoustic guitar.
  Next up was Siovhan "Sissy"
Odem, Nickelby's hostess Tues-
day-Saturday, at entry-level 1,
singing the Ace Of Base version
of "Cruel Summer". Level 1 en-
trant, Jennifer Dunn from
Chehalis, sang last performing
"Silver Spring" by Fleetwood Mac.
  All entries did a fine job and
after the showcase, regular sing-
ers at Nickelby's were able to buy
videos of themselves singing for
$15 per song, which made it ex-
tra special for average singers
who may want gifts for family.
  The next showcase will be
held August 7th at Mehfil's in
Lacey, hosted by Miss Marcella

Jose Perez, photographer and so much more.

Jennifer Dunn

ET, singer, songwriter & host.

Siovhan "Sissy" Odem
and ET's Cosmic Karaoke. For info
on entry levels, here's the run-
  Level 1: $50 Perform one
song and receive a professional,
broadcast-quality videotape of
your performance, placement on
the Fast Track to Fame.TV
webcast and audition for Sonic
Records via the videotape.

  Level 2: $100 — Perform two
songs in the showcase and receive
all features from level 1. Level 3
$200 — Video-On-Demand Pack:
age, 3 songs, a 1 page website
where your fans can click and see
your very own Video-On-De-
mand, plus Level 1 features. Ad-
ditional songs can be added to
your web page for $50 each. Con-
tact (336) 760-1380.
  Level 4: $300 — Guaranteed
WB Appearance, 4 songs, all Level
3 features plus a guaranteed ap-
pearance on the Fast Track to
Fame infotainment show called
TheCDStore.US on the WB Net-
 You will be featured in ‘The
TalentSearch" portion of that
  Level 5: $500 — CD Release
Package, 5 songs, all features plus
a CD single release to iRadioLA
and placement for re-sale on
TheCDStore.US. Includes origi-
naf song search, recording your
vocals and 25 percent royalty for
online sales.
  Level 6: $800 — CD Release!
WB Package, all level features plus
your original music video in the
Featured Recording Artists section
of ThG CDStore.US National Tele-
vision Show.

www.northwestkaraokeguide.com - May 2004

ET's cosmic Karaoke is out of this world

By Sue Sawyer

  E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke and DJ (yes, there really is an "ET") is well known in the Lacey/Olympia area, and the company owner, Eric Turnbow, has been supplying the
entertainment for over .11 years.
The local karaoke crowd enjoys him
every Friday and Saturday night in
the large sports bar of Mehfil's Cui-
sine of India.

  Just write your name on the

Eric Turnbow and his guitar are inseperable
large blackboard to get in the rota-
tion to sing. Your place in the rota-
tion remains the same throughout
the evening as each new singer is
added to the list. The slips from
singing regulars are stored in col-
orful envelopes and left in the front
of the room for pickup.

  E.T.'s passion is his guitar and if you request, he will plug the guitar into the amp and accom- pany you. He encourages duets with his singers, too.
  In 1998, Extraterrestrial E.T. Music produced the CD, "I'm Alive", — songs composed and per- formed by Eric with his guitar and background singers. Some of his songs have been karaoke-formatted and sung by his many long-term friends. One such friend and host- in-training is Toren Valimir, aka "Starwing", who begins the show by singing "Chasing Rainbows", one of E.T.'s formatted songs, with Eric accompanying on the guitar.  Eric claims that he is "the best Karaoke DJ there is," and "the original internet advertiser for karaoke shows." Eric's area in the sports bar, made up of pool tables, dance floor and large bar, is deco- rated like a cosmic experience. "We're out of this world," he yells as he starts his show.

Toren Valimir also hosts at Mehfil's
  There just may be something to his claims, because iast March, E.T. hosted the Washington portion of The Karaoke World Champions contest at Mehfil's.
  Check out the authentic food, and plenty of laughs and fun, good sound a A warm welcome at Mehfil's, 810 Sleater Kinney Rd., Lacey, 360-436-0676, every Fri. & Sat. 9 pm till closing.

Contest finalists Lucas and Denise with KWCUSA volunteer hostess, Miss Marcella

US finalists selected for
Karaoke World Champions

he Washington State portion of the Karaoke World Champions con- test ended Friday, March 26th at Mehfil's in Lacey. E.T.'s Cosmic Karaoke and N hosted the event, and Miss Marcella was acting host- ess for KWCUSA (Karaoke World Champions, USA.national team.) Washington's remale final- ists are: Denise Lane, Milissa Kinnaird and Wendy Donaldson. Wash-ington's male finalists are: Lucas Clevenger, John Trendall and Eli Greene. Denise Lane, who traveled all the way from Pullman, and Lucas Clevenger of Olympia, practiced first in the KWOUSA Washington State Finals. They were each given a "Certificate to Advance" and four hours of recording time with Randy Under in his ‘project stu- dio'. They were greatly applauded by the small crowd and everyone mingled together as if old friends. These six finalists now ad- vance to the USA Finals, sched- uled for Mehfil's on May 28. Win- ners of the USA finals will be awarded the KWCUSA Prize -Fund (112 of the total KWCUSA entry fees) to assist them in their quest to sing in the World finals in Finland this July. KWCUSA is a grass roots movement to network karaoke hosts and venues across the coun-
try to participate in KWC in Fin-
land with other nations each July.
Currently, 17 nations participate.
The goal of KWCUSA remains to
help with contestants travel and
lodging requirements; KWCUSA
is neither a karaoke hosting firm
nor venue. Contestants provide
the funds, so KWCUSA is run to
serve them, as their contest.
	KWCUSA hosts own their
own shows and all production
rights. They are all volunteers,
providing the venues, judges and
hosting across America in all ten
USA contest regions. The events
are their shows, from hosts con-
ducting entry-level contests
through Miss Marcella' s coming
USA finals in May.
	Large or small, all of those
hosts are providing a service.., not
just to their local karaoke commu-
nity, but (with the contestants) to
all of America. The goal of reach-
ing Finland may still be a little
out of reach this year, but the mo-
mentum is gaimng.
	When KWCtJSA finalists do
reach Finland in the years to
come, singers such as Denise or
Lucas, and hosts such as E.T.'s
and Miss Marcella, will have pro-
vided the initial faith and support,
and America will be well repre-
sented by talented singers.
	For more information or to
find out how you can participate
in future KWCUSA events, email
fjdavies@yahoo.com, or visit their
website http://wcusa.com